We also rent out gear and instruments and offer backline services. Contact us for the latest additions to our ever expanding inventory!


We have a dedicated 20 square meter rehearsal room for musicians to work on their music and performance. However, any of our studios can be set up for rehearsals depending on your needs. Studio A is often given a full live stage makeover for bands preparing to go on tour.


The smallest of the bunch, but just as useful! Often used as a vocal booth or isolation room for guitar and bass amps.


Our medium sized room, for tighter acoustics and more compact setups. Ideal for isolating a drum set or amp during a live recording.


By far the largest of our rooms, Studio A has all the space to accommodate anything up to a big band or small orchestra. Paired with a high ceiling and variable acoustics and moving panels, it’s perfect for live performance recording.


Our control room features a hybrid setup, with a vintage Amek console at its heart, connecting to Apollo16 and Apollo8p interfaces and an array or analog outboard preamps and processors. Coupled with ground up acoustic design and top quality monitoring and you have everything you need! MANLEY MASSIVE PASSIVE MANLEY SLAM AVALON VT-737 AVALON U5 […]