What We Do

Recording Studio


As the first step in the process and the foundation of any good record, we make sure it is done right. From the instruments to the mics to the preamps all the way to the speakers, we make sure the signal chain is the one that will bring out the sound in the way you envision and your song deserves.


Bringing out the perfect balance and sonic motion into your recording is equally as important as the recording itself. The two come together to transfer the experience from the performer to the listener, and is what will make the song impact even more on your audience.


More than just a final polish to the mix, this is the process that ties all the songs into an album, both sonically and as a progression of a story. And yes, this is where we make it louder, but only in the ways that make it sound better.


Whether you want a shorter radio edit for your song, or just want some parts cut out of just shuffled around, editing can completely transform a composition and yes it can even get rid of that little mistake you didn’t think anyone would notice, even though they probably won't.

Live Performance

Live & Location Recording

For us, recording is not confined just to the studio. From simple boom micing on your film set to full multi track live concert recordings, we are ready to bring your performance from any stage to the homes of your fans and audience.

Backline Rental

Over the years our selection of musical instruments, amps and microphones have shared the stage with some of the worlds most powerful live acts, including the likes of Iced Earth, Children of Bodom, Sabaton, Vader and Moonspell as well as a long list of local acts who demanded top quality and performance from their stage equipment.

Rehearsal Services

At Zen Studios, we not only want you to have the best gear when you hit the stage, we want you to be at your best performance level possible! Our rehearsal services range from simple jamming setups to full on stage setup simulations, with full personal monitoring for each band member, just like on stage. It is important to us that your time rehearsing at our studios is spent in a productive setting where you can hear exactly what your performance sounds like, so you can hit the stage without a shadow of a doubt that you have everything perfectly locked in!

Touring Support

Need crew members for your new tour? Or even just for the big local gig presenting your latest album? From live sound engineers to guitar and drum techs—or even just the guy who can get your gear set up fast enough between acts—we have just the right people to make your live show a stress free and great sounding experience.

Post Production


Sometimes the sound on location is less than ideal. Wind and traffic noise can force production into the studio to recapture clean vocal recordings. But what about the rest? The key to a natural looking film is a natural sounding film, and getting all the little background sounds just right, from footsteps to that fly that buzzed past the lead actors face is what makes it all real for t your audience, even if its all recreated in a studio!

Sound For Film

It’s been a long time since most of us have seen a silent movie, let alone made one. The importance of sound in a film has become just as important as the visual queues it follows, from action packed fight sequences to the gentle breeze through blades of grass, and even the emotional direction of the soundtrack, it all needs to sound just right for it all to come together.

Voice Overdubbing

Simple Radio spots to overdubbing a whole full-length feature, and everything in between.

Music for Film

From editing and placing existing music to fit the on screen action, to scoring and recording the whole thing from scratch, we want what’s best for your motion picture. And we can provide for you!

Studio Rates

Recording Mixing Mastering
Base Rate = €50 per hour
Please, contact us for package deals


Rehearsal Time Studio A Studio B
3 hours €50 €35
2 hours €40 €25
1 hour €25 €15

The Recording, Mixing, Mastering prices are our base rates, but we can adjust them if the circumstances are appropriate. Also, we often have special offers and limited time deals on studio hours. Contact us for more details or check our News page. Rehearsals in Studio A includes 4 separate monitor mixes and is appropriate for full bands wanting to rehearse in a live gig setup and bands with more than 4 members. Studio B has a basic PA and is appropriate for smaller bands (up to 4 members) that do not require full monitoring. Studio C is appropriate for small acoustic ensembles (up to 3 people) not needing a PA or individual instrument (drums. guitar, keyboard) rehearsals. We are happy to discuss and advise to find what best fits your needs. You can call Bobby (99218402) or Bill (96405984) to book your recording, mixing, mastering, or rehearsals.