Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini is giving an exclusive five hour seminar at Zen Production Studios. This up close and personal seminar will be interactive with the audience and will be based on his The Grid focusing on methods for breaking down, analyzing and performing over complex rhythms. Demonstrations will include the rhythms of the World, as well as specific sections of Dream Theater songs. Though he will be demonstrating on drums this seminar is not only for drummers as the methods presented apply to all instruments. And, of course, your drumming questions will be answered as well.

The seminar will be limited to a maximum of 35 tickets at €150 each. Discounts of 20–30% are available for bands signing up together. Tickets are available through Zen Production Studios at 7000 0768 or Bobby Xenophontos at 99 218 402.


Bobby “Z” Xenophontos

Bobby “Z” Xenophontos holds a degree in Audio Engineering from SAE (Los Angeles), where he honed his engineering and production skills under the likes of Barry Connolly and Michael Jost. Although he trained as a guitarist before going to SAE, Bobby developed an infatuation with the drums and has (in a very short time) achieved a Grade 8 from Trinity College London. His skills as a musician give him a unique perspective as a producer and engineer. He has shared the benefit of these skills with clients such as A.M. Sniper, Neon Knights, Die Witzelsuchts, Shut 'Em Down, By Popular Deband, and Terminal Disease. Although his laid back persona is unwavering, his work ethic is strong with efficient, productive, and pleasurable sessions always being the goal.

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